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More Food Magic: Crockpot Cooking

Pudge is not a fan of chunks of meat. But he likes grains and he likes vegetables. The great thing about the crockpot is that you can throw the grains and veggies he likes and then also a hunk of meat into the pot in the morning before you leave to do other stuff and the pot will literally work its slow cooking magic!

Voila! Seven hours later you have a tender meat/ grain/ veggie mush! Pudge will eat it (usually)! I call that victory!

This, I imagine, would also work for the big kid varietals as well. Like your husband, or your grandma…

(Shown above is a stew cooked for seven to eight hours with onions, garlic, lamb, tomatoes, cinnamon, salt, pepper and peas added at the end. You may also add beans, eggplant, pine nuts for some extra flavor)

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